verypurpleperson skirt

i love everything verypurpleperson does. whatever she does is simple, clean, well done and amazing. her easy full skirt is not an exception so i couldn’t resist not to make something like that for myself. i didn’t use her tutorial (which is really great) because i used an even easier way to make the skirt. basically i had a piece of fabric, which i sewed together on a side making a tube, then i added an inside stripe on a waist band, put an elastic and it was done more or less in an hour. The fabric is thrifted like almost all my favorite things are.

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4 responses to “verypurpleperson skirt

  1. Tau turbut niekada nekyla problemu “neturiu ka rengtis”, nes paimi ir pries iseinant kur nors pasisiuvi :)

  2. cia kaip kada, ziurint ko uzsimanai :)

  3. You look really, REALLY amazing.

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