Monthly Archives: February 2010

foam core deer head

a few months ago i started to look for a how-to on faux deer heads. i don’t know why but i couldn’t find anything interesting. but my friend did and i finally made it. it was super easy, lots of fun and a perfect one day project. i skipped a step of covering it with wrapping paper because i really liked the clean white look. so it wouldn’t look too boring i decorated it with a couple of pom poms, of course.


black and white rug

a couple hours of crocheting a day for six days and here it is – a rug. i don’t know what i was thinking when i decided to make this rug, but my dog already chewed two huge holes in it. i guess that means making no more rugs for me.

pom pom bobby pin

one more pom pom. this time a bobby pin.

fifi lapin

i love clothes, i love stylish people and i would lie if i said i don’t care about fashion at all. on other hand my relations with fashion are a bit confusing. i’m not a big fan of fashion blogs, especially “what i wore today and yesterday” kind of style. or i can’t accept a teen or even a 5 year old girl as authorities who can tell me what is nice and what is not (both of them are cuties though). but there is one fashion blog which i really like.  it belongs to fifi lapin, the most stylish bunny in the whole world, who loves expensive brands though.  if i were a fashion designer, i would love to make sketches like these.

verypurpleperson skirt

i love everything verypurpleperson does. whatever she does is simple, clean, well done and amazing. her easy full skirt is not an exception so i couldn’t resist not to make something like that for myself. i didn’t use her tutorial (which is really great) because i used an even easier way to make the skirt. basically i had a piece of fabric, which i sewed together on a side making a tube, then i added an inside stripe on a waist band, put an elastic and it was done more or less in an hour. The fabric is thrifted like almost all my favorite things are.

desk makeover

when i started to sew again i kept my sewing machine on a tiny laptop desk which was ok for a while, but clearly not very comfortable. the thing is that my husband has some kind of weird crush on that desk and i couldn’t to convince him to throw it away and get a bigger one. well, situation has changed when he got a serger for me for christmas. no way i could put both sewing machine and serger on the same desk so finally i got a pretty decent size desk too. which i painted, of course. i can’t help myself on this issue. i {need to} paint almost every piece of furniture we get. so here it is, my desk make-over. i guess i can consider this as my studio space. which i really like and hope you too.

bear sleeping bag

this is the best sleeping bag ever. i want to go camping really bad.