Monthly Archives: March 2010

mr. fox & ms. deer

don’t you think those brooches are just adorable? it seems i’ve been into everything with animals lately.


duck dress

hunting for treasures in thrift stores is one of my favorite things to do. especially when i find something for really cheap. i paid less than a dollar for this gorgeous fabric with duck prints. too bad it wasn’t enough to make a whole dress so i had to combined it with other fabric i had. even so i think it turned out pretty good. a pattern is from “stylish dress book“.

a cup

it is not a coffee cup, it is not even a tea cup, it is a huge plant cup, but i feel that i need that much coffee. via hello tiger.

puff daddy

do you remember this crochet light pendant? here is one more pretty diy project from pickles.

mustache friday

i think it is spring’s fault. almost all my favorite bloggers are apologizing for a lack of updates. so am i!  the last couple weeks i’ve wanted to do so many things, the list kept growing, but somehow i couldn’t force myself to do a lot.  yesterday i finally finished a shirt that i was working on and i hope that means i’m back on track again. thanks a lot  for continuing to come back here. happy friday to you all!

andrea galvani

i’m totally in love with his gorgeous pictures. it looks like something somewhere in a wonderland.

color me katie

couple days ago i posted a link to color me katie‘s how-to on making customized icons. you should definitely check her whole blog out. she is a photographer and street artist. her work is so cheerful, charming and so much fun! and her cat moo is quite a character too. p.s. scroll down for my giveaway!