duck dress

hunting for treasures in thrift stores is one of my favorite things to do. especially when i find something for really cheap. i paid less than a dollar for this gorgeous fabric with duck prints. too bad it wasn’t enough to make a whole dress so i had to combined it with other fabric i had. even so i think it turned out pretty good. a pattern is from “stylish dress book“.


3 responses to “duck dress

  1. It’s gorgeous, funny, beautiful and I don’t know more words in english how to express my emotions, so.. tokia faina!!! Labai super – ir ta nugara labai fainai dera su priekiu (ir gerai, kad neužteko tos medžiagos) :)

  2. Super ;) Atradau Tavo blogÄ… ir negaliu nepagirti, suknelÄ— nuostabi :)

  3. aciu aciu uz komplimentus, mergaites!

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