Monthly Archives: April 2010

mustache portrait

i can’t find any words to tell you how happy i was when i saw this portrait of me on my friends blog! she is a very talented graphic designer, illustrator and artist. the blog is in lithuanian but it doesn’t matter, her works speak by themselves. please, check out her website too. my dear agne, you definitely made my day, thank you so much!


too bad my english is too poor to express my emotions, especially – when i talk about pretty things like those two headbands. on the right – yokoo and her mini mouse club, on the left – mademoiselle robot. unfortunately i don’t know a brand of her headband, but i totally adore it. and, hey, those headbands kinda go with the character from my last post.


i guess you’ve noticed that i like kind of infantile things. if you do too, i think you will be in love with mick_23 and his short-spoken statements.

all purpose cleaner

small things always make me happy. and today it was… a handmade all purpose cleaner. i’m not a cleaning maniac at all, but i love the way the home smells afterwards. my least favorite thing to clean is the bathroom. i don’t like it for a very simple reason. usually there is a place where we tend to use lots of chemical cleaners and i always get pretty bad headaches from them. when i moved to us to live with my husband he had sooooo many different kind of cleaners at the house that it was enough for over than 1,5 year. finally we ran out of them and today i got a chance to make my very own all purpose cleaner. it works so well and there is no more smell of the chemicals! the recipe (and the picture) from design sponge.

city of stiches

the only thing i could think about how long did it take to make it and how much yarn she had used. amazing. via from scandinavia with love.


i will repeat myself: simplicity is beauty and beauty is simplicity. like those two pretty audrey jeanne‘s pillows.

google maps envelopes

brilliant. too bad it is a concept at the moment. via incrediblethings.

sky planter

sometimes i really do believe that some ideas are somewhere in the air. a few days ago i saw patrick morris’s sky planter on unica home and today – kate’s diy on design sponge. industrial vs diy. i take both of them.

origami bobby pin

if you feel like doing something fun and fast over the weekend this is a perfect project for you. i made bunch of those bobby pins for my friends as christmas gifts. it seemed everybody liked it. find instructions here.

lego kitchen

this is the best kitchen counter i’ve ever seen. made from ikea island and 20.000 lego pieces. i’m in love.