Monthly Archives: May 2010

haoshi animal series

oh my, i had either  food poisoning or some kind of stomach bug. either way i didn’t have lots of fun the last few days at all. well, it seems i feel better now and good things like haoshi design studio does always cheer me up. look at those amazing animal rings. all of them are so cute that i couldn’t even pick just one to publish here. the buck and rabbit are my favorites though. which one you heart?


eames hang it all

if you are interested in design, i’m pretty sure you are familiar with charles and ray eames and their hang it all. at least i’ve seen it in lots of design blogs. i’m really amazed by the simplicity and colorfulness of this piece meaning that it was designed in the early 50’s. the only thing which kinda bites is the price, but danielle thompson has good news for all the fans of the hang it all. she made her own version of it and was very kind to share a tutorial. sounds like a fun diy for the weekend.

fox sweater

the summer haven’t come yet but i’m thinking about the clothes for the fall already. well, could you blame me that i want this sweater really bad? that fox face is so darn cute and i’m totally in love with the colors. good thing i have my mom who started to work on this already. the sweater was found browsing dos family visit at dennis and mette home who also run the lovely ungtblod.

dog paper doll

one of our dogs got spayed today, so dogs are the only thing i could think about. love this dog paper doll.

ball bobby pin

i’m not sure is it because of the heat or the humidity but my last posts are so colorful and crowded that today i feel like posting something super simple. like this ball bobby pin i made a while ago from the scratch of yarn.

naughty secretary club

over the weekend my friends and i had a short, but fun trip to austin, where we visited the renegade craft fair. it was good to see lots of talented people, but my absolutely favorite one was jennifer perkins and her naughty secretary club. the jewelry she does is so quirky that i, of course, couldn’t resist not buy something. so here are a couple of goodies i got from her.


for a happy friday here are some trophies from fredflare, a shop based in brooklin. from the top left clockwise: dessert eraserspick your nose party cupsice cream lampcardboard buck jr. trophy.