Monthly Archives: June 2010

crocheted skirt

as my family is still living in lithuania, i keep in touch with them mostly via skype. i do video chats with my mom at least once a week, which is really nice because we can not only talk and see each other, but also show projects we are working on. so a couple months ago my mom showed me a skirt she was crocheting for my niece and i liked it so much that i asked her to make one for me too. so she did, but the yarn she used was so thin that skirt ended up being see through. well, it wasn’t such a big deal, because i simply traced the shape of the skirt onto the fabric, cut, sewed it together, attached underneath, added an elastic on a waistline and it was done almost in an hour. in that case i guess you could barely call it a collaboration, because the input of both of us was way too uneven, but i like to think that way. the top i’m wearing was refashioned when i was in high school, the only thing i had to do now – reinforce all the seams.  


a tiny victorian cottage

if you haven’t seen it at ny times today, check out this article about people who follow their dreams and make them come true. inside pictures are just gorgeous.

tsurubride clutches

apparently my blog is turning into the blog with very strongly expressed animal theme, but i just cant resist posting all those beautiful things like tsurubride clutches. sigh.

ps pelle, mikkel & gullspira

i like ikea. its not the best quality, but its always well designed and very affordable. but i really dont like to go to their stores. too big, too busy and too much… overwhelming. too bad, because i really really like those wall decorations created by hella jongerius. meet ps pelle, mikkel and gullspira.

favorite things

its for sure that i’m not the only one who is a big fan of scandinavian and asian style. both of them come from completely different sides of the world but have something in common. no wonder why chen karlsson, a collaboration of asian and swedish designers, distributes such nice homeware. i’m particular in love with favorite things pendant lamp. it will be released in august, but i started to think what i could put in it already.

photo: olivia jeczmyk

twisted yarn necklace

sometimes i’m really bad at taking pictures of the things i make. i made one of those twisted yarn necklaces for my friends birthday in january. as i really liked how it turned out, i made one more for myself too but kept forgetting to take picture of it. you can find the tutorial on how to twist yarn here. i used lily sugar’n cream stripes cotton yarn. its really easy and fun project – you never know what the final result might look like.

le train fantome

i had a super lazy sunday and i almost felt bad about that until i found le train fantome, a blog and an online shop of fanja ralison, talented french living in england. her creatures are so cute and dreamy. i was going through her blog and it literally felt that it has some kind of affect of relaxation. you know – when you feel secure, calm and perfect.