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my blog almost died like my plants in the u-haul on the way from dallas, texas to salt lake city, utah. its been almost three weeks since we moved here, but we still need lots of things to catch up and my poor blog needs so much watering! i don’t have anything special for today, just a simple diptych of me and my grandma.


santa claus cookie

i guess its kind of weird to talk about the christmas at the beginning of june, but i just could not resist sharing this santa claus cookie – it made smile and laugh. a good friend of mine found it when she organized her cabinet, full of memories and other old goodies. yep, this is what i used to make for christmas back in 1996. oh, the good old days!

dog paper doll

one of our dogs got spayed today, so dogs are the only thing i could think about. love this dog paper doll.

naughty secretary club

over the weekend my friends and i had a short, but fun trip to austin, where we visited the renegade craft fair. it was good to see lots of talented people, but my absolutely favorite one was jennifer perkins and her naughty secretary club. the jewelry she does is so quirky that i, of course, couldn’t resist not buy something. so here are a couple of goodies i got from her.

mustache friday

i think it is spring’s fault. almost all my favorite bloggers are apologizing for a lack of updates. so am i!  the last couple weeks i’ve wanted to do so many things, the list kept growing, but somehow i couldn’t force myself to do a lot.  yesterday i finally finished a shirt that i was working on and i hope that means i’m back on track again. thanks a lot  for continuing to come back here. happy friday to you all!


last week i made a clearance in my closet. i decided to get rid of the clothes i’ve worn only few times or haven’t even worn them at all. some of them were sold at buffalo exchange, some of them i gave to my friend and some of them are going to charity tomorrow. but there is one dress i didn’t want to donate to charity, so i decided to give it to one of you. i love this dress, it’s really nice, good fabric, well shaped, but i didn’t have lots of opportunities to wear it. since i got it a year and a half ago at buffalo exchange, i wore it only once, when gavan and i did our family’s photoshooting last year. so if you like this dress and you would love to have it, just leave a comment below this post. you can enter till 9 am (CTZ) of the next monday, 15th of march. and oh, its size M.


hello there. i’m  not so sure i really need another blog but here it is. well, i have nothing to loose, or do i? who knows maybe somebody will find this enjoyable. who knows.