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le train fantome

i had a super lazy sunday and i almost felt bad about that until i found le train fantome, a blog and an online shop of fanja ralison, talented french living in england. her creatures are so cute and dreamy. i was going through her blog and it literally felt that it has some kind of affect of relaxation. you know – when you feel secure, calm and perfect.


mustache portrait

i can’t find any words to tell you how happy i was when i saw this portrait of me on my friends blog! she is a very talented graphic designer, illustrator and artist. the blog is in lithuanian but it doesn’t matter, her works speak by themselves. please, check out her website too. my dear agne, you definitely made my day, thank you so much!


i guess you’ve noticed that i like kind of infantile things. if you do too, i think you will be in love with mick_23 and his short-spoken statements.

color me katie

couple days ago i posted a link to color me katie‘s how-to on making customized icons. you should definitely check her whole blog out. she is a photographer and street artist. her work is so cheerful, charming and so much fun! and her cat moo is quite a character too. p.s. scroll down for my giveaway!

fifi lapin

i love clothes, i love stylish people and i would lie if i said i don’t care about fashion at all. on other hand my relations with fashion are a bit confusing. i’m not a big fan of fashion blogs, especially “what i wore today and yesterday” kind of style. or i can’t accept a teen or even a 5 year old girl as authorities who can tell me what is nice and what is not (both of them are cuties though). but there is one fashion blog which i really like.  it belongs to fifi lapin, the most stylish bunny in the whole world, who loves expensive brands though.  if i were a fashion designer, i would love to make sketches like these.