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urban knitting

personally, to me it seems that lots of urban knits look like lots of time wasting, but i should admit it makes me smile and some of them are truly outstanding. here and here are more.


twisted yarn necklace

sometimes i’m really bad at taking pictures of the things i make. i made one of those twisted yarn necklaces for my friends birthday in january. as i really liked how it turned out, i made one more for myself too but kept forgetting to take picture of it. you can find the tutorial on how to twist yarn here. i used lily sugar’n cream stripes cotton yarn. its really easy and fun project – you never know what the final result might look like.

eames hang it all

if you are interested in design, i’m pretty sure you are familiar with charles and ray eames and their hang it all. at least i’ve seen it in lots of design blogs. i’m really amazed by the simplicity and colorfulness of this piece meaning that it was designed in the early 50’s. the only thing which kinda bites is the price, but danielle thompson has good news for all the fans of the hang it all. she made her own version of it and was very kind to share a tutorial. sounds like a fun diy for the weekend.

ball bobby pin

i’m not sure is it because of the heat or the humidity but my last posts are so colorful and crowded that today i feel like posting something super simple. like this ball bobby pin i made a while ago from the scratch of yarn.

crochet fruits necklaces

finds like those two necklaces make me so excited that i feel like a dog who can’t stop wagging his tail. one day i will definitely try make something like that. via candy castle.

nose necklace

enough of the mustache. its time to play with something else. its super easy to make this kind of necklace. this is what i did: bought a mask, cut out the nose part, sanded edges, painted, added chain and voila. 


even though i saw cloud mobiles or paper clouds sticked on the walls on almost every design blog i follow, i still love it. and sarah goldschadt is so nice for sharing a free pattern of them. i love her idea of sticking clouds over the sink, it really makes sense!