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crocheted skirt

as my family is still living in lithuania, i keep in touch with them mostly via skype. i do video chats with my mom at least once a week, which is really nice because we can not only talk and see each other, but also show projects we are working on. so a couple months ago my mom showed me a skirt she was crocheting for my niece and i liked it so much that i asked her to make one for me too. so she did, but the yarn she used was so thin that skirt ended up being see through. well, it wasn’t such a big deal, because i simply traced the shape of the skirt onto the fabric, cut, sewed it together, attached underneath, added an elastic on a waistline and it was done almost in an hour. in that case i guess you could barely call it a collaboration, because the input of both of us was way too uneven, but i like to think that way. the top i’m wearing was refashioned when i was in high school, the only thing i had to do now – reinforce all the seams.  

refashion: frida dress

as it got hot and humid its even hard to be outside, i’ve been sewing quite a bit lately: making not only new stuff, but refashioning my old clothes or thrifted finds. i made this frida dress at the very end of the last summer so i’ve worn it only couple times. i don’t have  huge breasts, but  their big enough to realize that strapless dresses are not comfortable for me. so i decided to make straps out of crocheted squares my mom made last year that i could decorate a cabinet. well, it seems it worked, i like crochet twist on the dress and i feel like this dress became much more wearable.

mrs. fox dress

if you liked “fantastic mr. fox” (which i did a lot), i’m pretty sure you also liked a dress of felicity, the charming wife of mr. fox. apparently rifka from burdastyle liked it so much that she even made a replica. can you believe she hand painted all the apples on the fabric as she couldn’t find the exact one? cute cute cute. 

japanese lace zipper

in japan even zippers are pretty. you can find them online here and here.

origami bobby pin

if you feel like doing something fun and fast over the weekend this is a perfect project for you. i made bunch of those bobby pins for my friends as christmas gifts. it seemed everybody liked it. find instructions here.

duck dress

hunting for treasures in thrift stores is one of my favorite things to do. especially when i find something for really cheap. i paid less than a dollar for this gorgeous fabric with duck prints. too bad it wasn’t enough to make a whole dress so i had to combined it with other fabric i had. even so i think it turned out pretty good. a pattern is from “stylish dress book“.

verypurpleperson skirt

i love everything verypurpleperson does. whatever she does is simple, clean, well done and amazing. her easy full skirt is not an exception so i couldn’t resist not to make something like that for myself. i didn’t use her tutorial (which is really great) because i used an even easier way to make the skirt. basically i had a piece of fabric, which i sewed together on a side making a tube, then i added an inside stripe on a waist band, put an elastic and it was done more or less in an hour. The fabric is thrifted like almost all my favorite things are.

heart dress

snow in dallas knocked me out completely. the only thing i could do those last days – watch movies and nothing more. i’m feeling better although snot and coughing still don’t let me go. anyway. here is a dress i made a while ago, but only now got some pictures taken. the fabric has teeny tiny heart prints. usually i don’t like anything with hearts but somehow this fabric got my heart. maybe that’s because it reminds me of a childhood sweater i had back then? – i know, i’m very sentimental. the dress is based on a pattern from a japanese “stylish dress book“. this book is amazing, it gives very basic, very simple, but very nice and very comfortable clothes patterns.

pleated skirt dress

here is a dress i made from the thrifted skirt. for the top part i’ve used a bodice pattern i found on burdastyle and for the sleeves – a pattern of one dress from a japanese “stylish dress book”. the collar was made by my grandma, she did it when I was going to elementary school so its over 20 years old! back then every girl had to wear the same uniforms and the only thing that could be different was the collars and handcuffs.