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natalie rae

it is her debut collection, but i’m in love with natalie rae already. everything is just perfect: her statement, embroidery, color palette and 80s silhouettes.


cookie boy

this boy is born to make the prettiest cookies. i wonder how much time does he spend to make one?

the squirrelton twins

i know, art containing humans bodies with animals heads doesn’t surprise anymore and i should say its even overexploited, but some of them are just better than the rest. i love this one and these.

couch curtains

in case you don’t have enough space in your living room for a couch, this is a perfect solution.

urban knitting

personally, to me it seems that lots of urban knits look like lots of time wasting, but i should admit it makes me smile and some of them are truly outstanding. here and here are more.

sun rabbit

in lithuania we call small light reflections sun rabbits. this one is the prettiest i’ve ever seen.

puzzle board

swissmiss is the best of finding simple but genius design peaces. this puzzle board is so much fun and so smart!