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the squirrelton twins

i know, art containing humans bodies with animals heads doesn’t surprise anymore and i should say its even overexploited, but some of them are just better than the rest. i love this one and these.


urban knitting

personally, to me it seems that lots of urban knits look like lots of time wasting, but i should admit it makes me smile and some of them are truly outstanding. here and here are more.

le train fantome

i had a super lazy sunday and i almost felt bad about that until i found le train fantome, a blog and an online shop of fanja ralison, talented french living in england. her creatures are so cute and dreamy. i was going through her blog and it literally felt that it has some kind of affect of relaxation. you know – when you feel secure, calm and perfect.

here its an another artist whose work caught my eye yesterday at the dallas art fest. brian mcguffey is a self taught artist who currently residents in seattle and co-owns a square room studio. i don’t know what its about, but i kinda always enjoy artwork which contains animal’s heads and human’s bodies.

flora zarate’s arpilleras

so today it was first time when i found something really interesting in dallas art fest. i really really liked flora zarate’s artwork which is based on an old folk textile technique called arpilleras. its applequed tapestry with three dimensional elements and embroidery. unfortunately the picture looks way far away from her artwork in reality, but i hope you still can see how detailed, neat and pretty it is.


mustache portrait

i can’t find any words to tell you how happy i was when i saw this portrait of me on my friends blog! she is a very talented graphic designer, illustrator and artist. the blog is in lithuanian but it doesn’t matter, her works speak by themselves. please, check out her website too. my dear agne, you definitely made my day, thank you so much!

city of stiches

the only thing i could think about how long did it take to make it and how much yarn she had used. amazing. via from scandinavia with love.