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natalie rae

it is her debut collection, but i’m in love with natalie rae already. everything is just perfect: her statement, embroidery, color palette and 80s silhouettes.


tsurubride clutches

apparently my blog is turning into the blog with very strongly expressed animal theme, but i just cant resist posting all those beautiful things like tsurubride clutches. sigh.

mrs. fox dress

if you liked “fantastic mr. fox” (which i did a lot), i’m pretty sure you also liked a dress of felicity, the charming wife of mr. fox. apparently rifka from burdastyle liked it so much that she even made a replica. can you believe she hand painted all the apples on the fabric as she couldn’t find the exact one? cute cute cute. 

fox sweater

the summer haven’t come yet but i’m thinking about the clothes for the fall already. well, could you blame me that i want this sweater really bad? that fox face is so darn cute and i’m totally in love with the colors. good thing i have my mom who started to work on this already. the sweater was found browsing dos family visit at dennis and mette home who also run the lovely ungtblod.

leslie hall’s sweaters

what a stunning collection of sweaters! here leslie hall has much more. 

cocca bag

as most of japanese websites have a very little of english, i always have kind of a weird feeling browsing them. i have no clue what their letters mean so you never know what kind of links you are clicking, but it’s definitely worth it, especially when you find things like this cocca bag. so cute!


too bad my english is too poor to express my emotions, especially – when i talk about pretty things like those two headbands. on the right – yokoo and her mini mouse club, on the left – mademoiselle robot. unfortunately i don’t know a brand of her headband, but i totally adore it. and, hey, those headbands kinda go with the character from my last post.