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dog paper doll

one of our dogs got spayed today, so dogs are the only thing i could think about. love this dog paper doll.


even though i saw cloud mobiles or paper clouds sticked on the walls on almost every design blog i follow, i still love it. and sarah goldschadt is so nice for sharing a free pattern of them. i love her idea of sticking clouds over the sink, it really makes sense!


i guess you’ve noticed that i like kind of infantile things. if you do too, i think you will be in love with mick_23 and his short-spoken statements.

google maps envelopes

brilliant. too bad it is a concept at the moment. via incrediblethings.


i don’t have any t-shirts in my closet and there is a very simple reason why – i just don’t like them. even so this one made me really smile. and i think i will print this tuxedo on one of my tank tops some day pretty soon.  you can download this print too. it’s free. over here.

fifi lapin

i love clothes, i love stylish people and i would lie if i said i don’t care about fashion at all. on other hand my relations with fashion are a bit confusing. i’m not a big fan of fashion blogs, especially “what i wore today and yesterday” kind of style. or i can’t accept a teen or even a 5 year old girl as authorities who can tell me what is nice and what is not (both of them are cuties though). but there is one fashion blog which i really like.  it belongs to fifi lapin, the most stylish bunny in the whole world, who loves expensive brands though.  if i were a fashion designer, i would love to make sketches like these.

palentines day

for me it is quite sad valentines day had become so commercialised. the idea is nice, but i prefer to share my love on every day of my life. or celebrate palentines instead.

you can download the full able palentine’s deck here. i love you, pals!