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sun rabbit

in lithuania we call small light reflections sun rabbits. this one is the prettiest i’ve ever seen.


blackboard brooch

in the blogsphere speech bubbles are popular almost as much as the mustache. well, can you blame anybody as they look so much fun? and i’m particularly in love with this zoe brand’s blackboard brooch. via swissmiss.

haoshi animal series

oh my, i had either  food poisoning or some kind of stomach bug. either way i didn’t have lots of fun the last few days at all. well, it seems i feel better now and good things like haoshi design studio does always cheer me up. look at those amazing animal rings. all of them are so cute that i couldn’t even pick just one to publish here. the buck and rabbit are my favorites though. which one you heart?

naughty secretary club

over the weekend my friends and i had a short, but fun trip to austin, where we visited the renegade craft fair. it was good to see lots of talented people, but my absolutely favorite one was jennifer perkins and her naughty secretary club. the jewelry she does is so quirky that i, of course, couldn’t resist not buy something. so here are a couple of goodies i got from her.

crochet fruits necklaces

finds like those two necklaces make me so excited that i feel like a dog who can’t stop wagging his tail. one day i will definitely try make something like that. via candy castle.

nose necklace

enough of the mustache. its time to play with something else. its super easy to make this kind of necklace. this is what i did: bought a mask, cut out the nose part, sanded edges, painted, added chain and voila. 

mustache (again!) ring

i really hope you are not sick yet from mustache-ish things i keep posting here. well, as i couldn’t resist not to buy this ring, i couldn’t not to share it with you as well.