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the squirrelton twins

i know, art containing humans bodies with animals heads doesn’t surprise anymore and i should say its even overexploited, but some of them are just better than the rest. i love this one and these.


my blog almost died like my plants in the u-haul on the way from dallas, texas to salt lake city, utah. its been almost three weeks since we moved here, but we still need lots of things to catch up and my poor blog needs so much watering! i don’t have anything special for today, just a simple diptych of me and my grandma.

andrea galvani

i’m totally in love with his gorgeous pictures. it looks like something somewhere in a wonderland.

color me katie

couple days ago i posted a link to color me katie‘s how-to on making customized icons. you should definitely check her whole blog out. she is a photographer and street artist. her work is so cheerful, charming and so much fun! and her cat moo is quite a character too. p.s. scroll down for my giveaway!