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mustache (again!) ring

i really hope you are not sick yet from mustache-ish things i keep posting here. well, as i couldn’t resist not to buy this ring, i couldn’t not to share it with you as well.


mustache portrait

i can’t find any words to tell you how happy i was when i saw this portrait of me on my friends blog! she is a very talented graphic designer, illustrator and artist. the blog is in lithuanian but it doesn’t matter, her works speak by themselves. please, check out her website too. my dear agne, you definitely made my day, thank you so much!

mustache friday

i think it is spring’s fault. almost all my favorite bloggers are apologizing for a lack of updates. so am i!  the last couple weeks i’ve wanted to do so many things, the list kept growing, but somehow i couldn’t force myself to do a lot.  yesterday i finally finished a shirt that i was working on and i hope that means i’m back on track again. thanks a lot  for continuing to come back here. happy friday to you all!

palentines day

for me it is quite sad valentines day had become so commercialised. the idea is nice, but i prefer to share my love on every day of my life. or celebrate palentines instead.

you can download the full able palentine’s deck here. i love you, pals!