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urban knitting

personally, to me it seems that lots of urban knits look like lots of time wasting, but i should admit it makes me smile and some of them are truly outstanding. here and here are more.


fox sweater

the summer haven’t come yet but i’m thinking about the clothes for the fall already. well, could you blame me that i want this sweater really bad? that fox face is so darn cute and i’m totally in love with the colors. good thing i have my mom who started to work on this already. the sweater was found browsing dos family visit at dennis and mette home who also run the lovely ungtblod.

puff daddy

do you remember this crochet light pendant? here is one more pretty diy project from pickles.

nordic light pendant

too bad i don’t have enough space in my house to make this. so pretty and so nordic. via pickles. free pattern!