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urban knitting

personally, to me it seems that lots of urban knits look like lots of time wasting, but i should admit it makes me smile and some of them are truly outstanding. here and here are more.


twisted yarn necklace

sometimes i’m really bad at taking pictures of the things i make. i made one of those twisted yarn necklaces for my friends birthday in january. as i really liked how it turned out, i made one more for myself too but kept forgetting to take picture of it. you can find the tutorial on how to twist yarn here. i used lily sugar’n cream stripes cotton yarn. its really easy and fun project – you never know what the final result might look like.

fox sweater

the summer haven’t come yet but i’m thinking about the clothes for the fall already. well, could you blame me that i want this sweater really bad? that fox face is so darn cute and i’m totally in love with the colors. good thing i have my mom who started to work on this already. the sweater was found browsing dos family visit at dennis and mette home who also run the lovely ungtblod.

ball bobby pin

i’m not sure is it because of the heat or the humidity but my last posts are so colorful and crowded that today i feel like posting something super simple. like this ball bobby pin i made a while ago from the scratch of yarn.

city of stiches

the only thing i could think about how long did it take to make it and how much yarn she had used. amazing. via from scandinavia with love.

pom pom ring

lately i got some serious crush on making pom poms. here is one of them.